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2008... signin' and divinin'

Wow. It has been almost exactly 12 hours since it happened, yet as I prepare to write about it I find myself a bit shaky, and overly emotional. I had lit all the candles, two vanilla and one pound cake scented, and it was just before 12:30 a.m. here, in the opening hour of 2008. I could hear a party nearby that honestly sounded like it was well in excess of thirty people. Suddenly, about 12:22'ish, I heard it.... "Hey-ay-ay-ay, Hey-ay-ay-ay, I said Hey ! What's going on". I suddenly was standing their rapt, spellbound... this is a song which has so long been one that touches something raw in my soul, that reminds me of life's promise. "What's Up?" by 4 Non Blondes was being sung by a bunch of strangers (sounded like about 6 - 8 voices, all women) and it just blew me away. My eyes are tearing up as I think about it. What a beautiful, glorious and totally unexpected way to christen the new year. Whoever you were.... thank you !

This year's firsts (so far) :
• First movie watched : "300"
• First song heard : "What's Up ?" by 4 Non Blondes
• First poem read : "Quality Time" by Sharon Peeples
• First IM : Heather in Canada
• First phone call : Shel ! (Thanks !)
• First meal : Cold pizza w/ hot Mary Twining Spiced Tea
• First e-mail : Granny Rosie from Starlite
• First datefile card : Chester A. Arthur's 1829 birthday

That's about all the thoughts I have right now. It is slightly chilly, I am satisfied and hopeful. Cocoa is curled up on the love seat awaiting a little attention, which is on the way.

I love you my friends and wish you the best in 2008 ! The best health, the best fortune, the best friends, the best luck... and the best love. 2008... so far, so excellent !
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